How to choose a wardrobe organiser in 3 easy steps

Wardrobe organisers are chosen either by price or how functional you need your space to be. Here are 3 easy steps to follow.


  1. Affordable

White wire ventilated systems are affordable, strong and easy to see everything at a glance.

It can be designed with short, double and long hanging. Shelving for clothes, bags and shoes.

In some cases, this can be your best option.

  1. Mix it

White wire and white melamine are a great combination.

Wire for all the top shelves and hanging and the white melamine for all of your folded clothing, shoes and handbags.

You can also add draws, this is a great way to add more for a lower cost.

3.Most popular

White melamine with our oval aluminium hanging rail is the most popular option.

Hanging for dresses, suits, trousers, skirts, tops and jackets.

Draws for personal items, jumpers, t shirts, shorts, make up and jewelry with soft close if you wish.

Shelving for folded clothes, shoes, boots, bags, sports gear and makeup.

Pull out shoe shelves, ties, scarves, belt racks and pull out swivel mirrors.

Hooks for bags and jewelry.

Spaces for sports gear, school bags, toys and storage boxes.

If you have any other items, you need to store let me know.

Our next blog is about other styles of oraginsers so check back soon.

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