1. Floor space

Having the system lifted off the floor means you can put any width size box, shoes, toys or shoes boxes all on the floor making life so much easier.

  1. Mix it

You can mix it. The white melamine units with the wire shelving a great combination.

  1. Easy to install

Wall hung systems are easy to install don’t need to worry about uneven floors. Don’t need to worry about the carpet company. No waiting for other companies to do there part ,which means a quicker install time and getting the job completed.

You can add

Hanging for dresses, suits, trousers, skirts, tops and jackets.

Draws for personal items, jumpers, t shirts, shorts, make up and jewellery with soft close if you wish.

Shelving for folded clothes, shoes, boots, bags, sports gear and makeup.

Cubby holes for sports gear, school bags, toys and hats.

We have done wall hung systems for

reach in wardrobes, walk in wardrobes and garage storage.

Our next blog is sliders so check back soon.

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