5 simple tips on How to declutter

first step
Have time to complete the job 

2nd step
Decide where to start. Only do a small space or portion of a space at a time. 

3rd step
Gather some boxes, large containers, washing baskets or mark out some space on a floor for example with string. Don’t buy, use what you have.
Label them (eg sticking note) donate,sell, toss out/ fix and keep. 

4th step
You can either focus on a category – for example pants or shoes or just start in the corner and move along. Put in labeled box or space

5th Step

  • Take the donate pile to Op shop
  • Toss out pile put in bin
  • Fix pile next to sewing machine
  • Sell pile next to the computer for trademe, facebook …..
  • Keep pile put back in the wardrobe.

6th step.
Have a cup of tea
or call us if you need to upgrade your wardrobe system or sliding doors.